Report a vulnerability

Teradici Product Security encourages users and researchers to report security issues.

How to report a vulnerability?

If you believe that you have identified a potential vulnerability or security incident related to a Teradici product, please proceed as follows and choose the appropriate way to contact us. The Teradici Product Security encourages responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities with a view to the longer-term benefits they bring in terms of fixed vulnerabilities, better-informed customers, and continuous improvement of our security.

HackerOne is a vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with cybersecurity researchers.

If the information could be considered sensitive, please encrypt your message using our PGP public key.

You will be redirected to a form where you can fill out and submit details.

What information should be submitted?

For product vulnerabilities, please report the following information:

Important Information

Please, take into account the following considerations before submitting a report:

  1. Only emails in the English language can be considered.
  2. Considerations regarding acknowledgements:
    • Acknowledgements for product vulnerabilities will only contain the researcher's name.
    • Vulnerabilities categorized as "information" will not be entitled to an entry on our acknowledgement page.
  3. We ask you to read our responsible disclosure policy and get familiar with our process.
  4. We strongly encourage you to encrypt all e-mail communications with Teradici Product Security. Our PGP public key is available at the bottom of each page.

Find out about the Teradici Responsible Disclosure Policy